hey! it's Clarissa!

Hi! I'm Clarissa! I'm 70% human and 30% mermaid
 Recently, i am 13 years old. 
which means, i'm a JHSchooler! 

However, i love band(s) such like 5 Seconds Of Summer, All Time Low, One OK Rock, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, etc. 

I loved to watch tv show, too. But i only have two favourite shows. Yep, SKAM and 13 Reason Why.

 My favourite character on SKAM is Sana Bakkoush a.k.a Imam Meskini.
I love her because she's brave enough to be different. She's also smart and SLAYINN 
Here is my favoruite quote from Sana 

"Hate doesn't come from religion, it comes from fear." 
— Sana 

My favourite character on 13 REASON WHY is Zach Dempsey a.k.a Ross Butler. I know, he looks rude. But, look at differet side. Zach Dempsey make a mistake, but it influenced by his bad friends. I know, he is a soft boy with a pure heart. 

Also, i love to read Greek Mythology. My favourite god and goddess is Athena and Apollo. In my fantasy, Athena and Apollo should get married! But, it just my fantasy. Athena is virgin goddes soooo

dyingmermaid? what the heck is that? 
I know most of you will think like that. Being curious of what the reason behind my URL. The answer, simple. I love mermaid. Most of people think it's childish. I'm thirteen and shouldnt be thinking mermaid is real. However, i still loved mermaid. 

I made this blog because i feel like i should wrote and spread my thoughts. I love to know that you guys read my posts. I hope, my blog could be an inspiration, or simply, just making you aren't bored anymore. 

Best Regards, 
clarissa xo 

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